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If you’ve been to Regal Oaks before, you are fully aware of the iconic Blue Chair. The Blue Chair has witnessed countless poses and antics, and as we bid farewell to 2023, we couldn’t resist showcasing some of our top picks from this year. Thank you to everyone who has shared your memories with us!


The Yoga Approach | Sierra M. 


Oooommm. Namaste, Sierra. We hope you had a rejuvenating trip to Regal Oaks!


Disco Fever | Amanda D. 


Strike a pose! Amanda, your disco-inspired moment on the Blue Chair brought a burst of energy and nostalgia. It’s clear that the Blue Chair isn’t just a seat; it’s a dance floor waiting to happen.


5,6,7,8, Cheer! | Kelly C.


Impressive moves, Kelly! We’re still buzzing with excitement from The Summit, and we hope to welcome you back next year for more cheer and applause!


Hang-Ten! | Vanessa R.


No waves? No problem! Vanessa, your hang-ten stance on the Blue Chair is rad. It’s a reminder that even without the surf, our guests can still ride the waves of creativity.


Blast-Off! | Anthony J. 


Anthony, your mid-air shot from the Blue Chair is nothing short of awesome. Thanks for choosing Regal Oaks, and here’s to more soaring moments in the future.


Flexing For Family Photos | Lisa T.


We see your dedication in the back little man! Thanks for bringing your family to Regal Oaks, Lisa!


Sitting… But Not Really? | Guillermo F. 


We love a good optical illusion, Guillermo! Your creative take on sitting – or not – adds a playful touch to the Blue Chair collection.


The Blue Chair Coaster | Bernardo B. 


Woah, Bernardo! Your Blue Chair rollercoaster ride looks thrilling. Hands up!


Sista Sistas | Maureen G. 


The shirts, the drinks, the vibes – everything about your photo, Maureen, exudes vacation goals. We hope you and your friends had an incredible time, and we look forward to hosting you again.


Peace AND Love | Laura M. 


Sending you both peace and love right back! Your pose on the Blue Chair is heartwarming. We’re already counting down the days until 2024 when we can welcome you and your family back to Regal Oaks!


Flexin’ On The Competition | Randyl R. 


Baylee, you’re flexing on the competition, and we love it! We hope you had an amazing birthday and celebrate with us again next year. 


We had so much fun being a part of all of your big moments in 2023 and we want to express our gratitude for making Regal Oaks a part of your memories. Whether you were striking a pose, catching imaginary waves, or simply soaking in the peace and love, your creativity and enthusiasm brought the Blue Chair to life. 

As we step into 2024, we extend an open invitation for you to continue making Regal Oaks a destination for your most exciting moments. If you didn’t get the chance to share your story, it’s not too late! Share them here.

Here’s to a new year filled with more joy, more creativity, and more unforgettable memories!