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Beyond Orlando’s Parks: Out in the Wilderness

The Orlando area is known primarily for its array of amusement parks – but did you know there is a vibrant wildlife scene here as well? Today we go beyond the parks and out on a safari! Join us as we bring you four must-visit animal experiences from alligators to zebras and everything in between!

Photo: Enjoy Florida Online

Wild Florida Drive-Thru Safari Park

Witness over 100 exotic animals and native Florida wildlife from the safety of your own car. Watch white-tailed deer, bison, watusi, zebras, and many more animals while driving slowly through the grounds. Inside the park, there is a massive pond home to countless alligators saved by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission program.

Our favorite experience? You can stop and hand-feed giraffes lettuce. A memorable experience for kids and adults alike!

Photo: Amazing Animals Inc

Amazing Animals Inc

Amazing Animals Inc hopes to be the spark that ignites the next generation to protect wildlife and wild places. How? By introducing endangered native animals to younger generations, Amazing Animals believes they can inspire others to do something about the natural world.

Meet Dill, the Three-Banded Armadillo, or Rebel, the Leopard Cat, and over 42 other species up close through a personalized tour! Tours are $50 dollars per person and by appointment only (minimum 2 people).

Photo: Gatorland


Get ready for some fun at “the alligator capital of the world” – Gatorland! Explore the park and witness every type of alligator imaginable. From small babies to 14 foot monsters, Gatorland ensures an unforgettable experience.

We recommend watching one of Gatorland’s invigorating live shows. Watch alligators jump four feet out of the water to catch a delicious meal. Learn more about alligators and their amazing capabilities and sit back to enjoy the show.

Pro Tip: The Screamin’ Gator Zipline allows you to fly above these creatures over 65 feet up in the air! Purchase a Zip Line ticket for extra fun!

Photo: Disney

Wild Animal Trek at Animal Kingdom

Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park offers an exclusive experience that allows you to get up close with animals native to Africa. Consisting of several phases, the Wild Animal trek is a premium experience to remember. In the first phase, a private guide will lead you over and through beautiful animal habitats. In many instances, you get closer to these animals than at any zoo. As the animal trek finishes, you file in the back of a jeep to drive through the safari. The guide informs you about various animals and their unique characteristics as you observe them in their natural habitat.

Ending with an upscale African meal, Disney’s Wild Animal Trek is a premium experience that you will remember for years to come!

There are a multitude of great attractions that bring people to Orlando, but don’t overlook the amazing animal experiences! Hippos, lions, gators, camels, and much much more can be seen in just minutes from your Regal Oaks home!