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Every coffee lover knows that there’s something magical about that first sip of coffee in the morning. The aroma, the warmth, and the rich flavor all combine to create a perfect moment of bliss. And what better day to celebrate this love of coffee than on National Coffee Day? On September 29th, coffee aficionados come together to raise their cups in celebration, and if you happen to be staying at Regal Oaks Resort, you’re in for a treat. 

Kissimmee, known for its proximity to Orlando’s theme parks, also boasts some fantastic coffee shops to satisfy your caffeine cravings. Here are some unique coffee spots in Kissimmee that you must visit on National Coffee Day.

Photo courtesy of Di Aromas on Instagram

Di Aromas

Di Aromas is a coffee truck located in World of Food Trucks that’s just a short 3 minute drive from Regal Oaks. They take coffee seriously here, and it shows in every cup they brew. With coffee beans locally roasted in Orlando, every sip boasts bold and fresh flavor. Whether you prefer a classic espresso or a handcrafted specialty drink, Di Aromas has something for everyone. Pair your coffee with one of their delectable pastries for the ultimate coffee experience. 


Photo courtesy of XO Coffee

XO Coffee Shop

XO Coffee Shop is a charming coffeehouse that combines a cozy ambiance with an extensive menu of specialty drinks. With plenty of space, high speed WIFI, and unique seasonal drinks that are Instagram-worthy, this is the perfect shop for anyone looking to take a moment to kick back and relax for a bit. XO Coffee prides itself in bringing the community together, of both locals and tourists, so come see what all excitement is about and support local business. 

Photo courtesy of World of Coffee on Tripadvisor

World of Coffee

Located in the charming Lake Buena Vista open-air mall, World of Coffee is a must-visit for those who appreciate global coffee flavors. They offer a diverse selection of beans from different coffee-producing regions worldwide, allowing you to embark on a coffee journey around the globe without leaving Kissimmee. Plus sample delectable desserts from across the globe.

Photo courtesy of Paloma Coffee Co. on Tripadvisor

Paloma Coffee Co.

Paloma Coffee Co. offers a slice of paradise for coffee enthusiasts. This cafe is known for its bright, modern atmosphere, baked local goods, and of course delicious coffee. Enjoy a cup of their Panther coffee in the chic indoors or soak up some sun on the beautiful tropical-feeling patio. 

Photo courtesy of Cafe Barista on Instagram

Cafe Barista

If you’re looking for good coffee with good company (including your furry friend), Cafe Barista is the perfect spot for you. They understand coffee is an important driving force to bring together conversation and community. In honor of that, they’re dedicated to providing a welcoming pet-friendly atmosphere and a wide array of drinks anyone can enjoy. From a classic cappuccino to créme brulé frappés, your coffee tastes will be satiated. 

Photo courtesy of Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez Cafe

For a taste of Colombian coffee, head to Juan Valdez Cafe. This coffee shop is a part of the renowned Juan Valdez brand, which is famous for its dedication to sustainable coffee farming practices and a staple in Florida’s coffee scene. Here you can savor Colombian coffee at its finest, prepared by expert baristas. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a great place to relax and enjoy a cup of java while soaking up the Latin American coffee culture.

Photo Courtesy of Martha Leon on Google Maps

Express Cafe

Express Cafe is the perfect spot for those looking for a small cafe for a quick coffee fix without compromising on quality. As the closest coffee shop to Regal Oaks, this cafe is an ideal choice if you’re in a hurry to start your day of adventures in Kissimmee. Express Cafe offers a wide range of coffee options, from traditional drip coffee to gourmet lattes. Plus try out their baked goods and Brazilian dishes.

This National Coffee Day, make the most of your stay at Regal Oaks Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, by exploring these exceptional coffee spots. Each one offers a unique coffee experience, from international flavors to locally sourced brews. So, raise your cup and toast to the joy of coffee on this special day, surrounded by the magical vibes of Kissimmee.