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One of our favorite events of the year here in Orlando is the International Flower & Garden Festival at Disney’s Epcot. As briefly mentioned in our previous April Family-Friendly Events blog, this festival features “outdoor kitchens, live entertainment, and exotic gardens”. But this event has so much more to explore and the festivities are lasting from now to July 5th, so let’s dive right into this spectacular spring world at Epcot!



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The Gardens


The main attraction of the festival is, of course, the gardens. Guests get to explore the magical Disney topiaries that feature your favorite characters. The latest addition to this display is Mirabel and her family from Disney’s Encanto! 

Immerse yourself into cultures from around the world at the Global Gardens. This dazzling walk boasts stellar flower beds and gardens containing sustainable foods. Check out the Bonsai Collection at the Japan Pavilion to learn more about the delicate art of shaping living sculptures. After that, head over to the Moroccan Pavilion’s Spice Garden to discover the world of Eastern herbal blends and spice trades. You can also launch yourself back in time to the Prehistoric Garden and experience the life that thrived over 65 million years ago!

Check out a list of all the topiary displays and Global Gardens exhibits here!

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Kitchens & Culinary Walks

Foodies rejoice because this one is for you! A huge highlight of this event is the food. This year, there are 15 outdoor kitchens that all specialize in creative cuisine and desserts, such as the pictured Citrus Blossom. All the food is garden-fresh and there will be something for everyone to enjoy.


Take a sweet and savory stroll with the Garden Graze. When you collect stamps from at least 5 menu items listed in your Festival Passport, you will win a specialty treat! Besides winning, the 10 menu items listed are incredibly delicious and you won’t want to pass them up, anyways. Transport to paradise with the Coconut Tres Leches Cake at La Isla Fresca or savor the Grilled Street Corn on the Cob at Florida Fresh. Are you vegetarian? Check out the delectable options hosted by Impossible Foods!

For all menu items and locations, check out the list here!

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Garden Rocks Concert Series

Get ready to rock because the International Flower & Garden Festival is hosting a concert perfect for all ages almost every evening for the duration of the festival. From the classic rock of Foreigners Journey to the classy jazz of The Champagne Orchestra, this iconic lineup of artists is sure to please everyone both young and old. 

You can even enhance your concert experience with a
Garden Rocks Dining Package
from your favorite festival kitchen!

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Exclusive Merch

Don’t forget to grab your garden gear before you leave! This year’s exclusive merch line-up is a retro take on Snow White and Orange Bird, the official Disney-created mascot for the Florida Citrus Commission. These bright, one-of-a-kind accessories and clothes are the best way to remember your time at the festival while also showing off your style. There are spirit jerseys (pictured), terra cotta-inspired mugs, planters to keep the flowers growing at home, exclusive Mickey Ears to add to your collection, and much more!

Make sure you make your way to Florida for one of the tastiest and most beautiful events of the year! Regal Oaks welcomes you for your memorable Orlando vacation, just 10 minutes from Disney World Epcot. We will see you here!