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Take a trip back in time only steps away from your Regal Oaks home at Old Town Kissimmee! A recreation of an old Florida town, Old Town brings you back to simpler times with distinctive storefronts and historical architecture. 

Come along, as we talk about everything that makes walking through Old Town so special and how you can get the most out of your visit! 




The Old Town atmosphere is laid-back, adventurous, and just silly enough to keep you in vacation mode. Strolling down the beautiful, tree-lined brick streets, you can lean back and marvel at the old-time constructions, unique attractions, and yummy restaurants. One aspect of Old Town Kissimmee that shouldn’t go unnoticed is the accessibility. Want to pick up a frozen-pineapple drink and peruse the old-time goods at The General Store? No problem. Want to ride on the Hurricane, a 5-story tall rollercoaster after you purchase a throwback tie-dye shirt at the groovy store? Go right ahead! Exploration is encouraged at Old Town Kissimmee!




Catering to a multitude of cravings, Old Town has everything you need for an enjoyable meal with family and friends. Choose from All-American cuisine at Shoney’s Bar & Grill, Japanese favorites at Mr. Sushi, and Ruben Mota’s signature Mexican meals at El Borrego – the options are endless! 

Old Town caters to dine-in diners as well as fast-food foodies! Eateries like Nathan’s Famous and A&W’s All-American food provide yummy meals quickly so you can enjoy more of what Old Town has to offer.


Clothing, Services, Unique Gifts, and Accessories

Credit: General Store Kissimmee Facebook


Specializing in quirky, one-of-a-kind shopping, Old Town provides some of the most expressive shopping in Kissimmee. Stroll into the General Store, specializing in “back-in-the-day” gifts, as well as the coldest drinks in town. Pick up an ice-cold glass bottle of coke while browsing their man-cave LED signs and handmade saltwater taffy!

Peruse on into OldTown Leather, a boutique outlet focused on providing premium leather goods for a reasonable price. Stroll through their assortment of leather belts, hats, jackets, wristbands, and much more as you take in the all-American decor. Engraved leather at its finest, Old Town leather specialty designs caters to classic American Indian iconography as well as All-American traditions. 

Whether you need to purchase a birthday gift for the folks at home or want to bring back a part of Kissimmee – Old Town is the perfect destination for you.



Credit: Orlando Attractions


As you enter into the LED, the overarching entrance of Old Town, one of the first things to catch your eye is sure to be the Ferris Wheel soaring over Highway 192. Standing at over 85 feet, this Italian-made titan allows you to see all of Kissimmee as well as the nearby Orlando attractions. 

Located near the Ferris Wheel is a rollercoaster called “The Hurricane” that stands over 5 stories tall.  Perfect for fair lovers, these attractions are sure to add some joy to your day. 


Old Town Kissimmee is the Best Throwback City Ever
Other than the fair-like rides, there are also unique attractions within the town itself. Experience the Great Magic Hall, a 30-minute magic show that is performed by professional illusionists for only $10 a ticket!  Are you feeling spooky? Touted as one of the ”Scariest Haunted Houses in America”, Mortem Manor is Orlando’s only year-round haunted attraction featuring live actors, state-of-the-art special effects, and animatronics.


No matter what unique experience you are looking for, there is something special to enjoy at Old Town.



Calling all car enthusiasts out there! Old Town Kissimmee is famous for its weekly car events and meetups. Beginning at 5:00 PM every Wednesday, Old Town leads a themed car event for spectators and enthusiasts to enjoy alike. Upcoming themes include the Classic American Fords and Mustangs on January 25.


Car buffs are sure to find joy in congregating together in Old Town! 


Only steps away from your Regal Oaks home, you can enter a time portal back to simpler times. The glory days of all leather boots, great American cars, and old-fashioned dining. We recommend walking down to Old Town when you want to relax from the parks while still enjoying something unique. There’s nothing like the classics!