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Need some goggles for the pool? Maybe some flip-flops on your feet? What about the classic thrill known as the pool noodle? These are some of Regal Oaks’ pool essentials for the hottest months of Florida. Get ready to cool down in the pool and soak in the sun!


Pool floats come in all types of sizes, shapes, colors, angles, and slices (that’s right, pizza slices!). These pool amenities allow you to hover over the water in complete relaxation as you drift.

The wide array of floats is what makes them special. Enjoy a recliner float with built-in drink holders. Try out a float with a sunshade to protect you from the sun. Or maybe just ride a unicorn float and take pictures for the gram!

Squirt Guns

There’s nothing more fun than shooting your friends and family with some water. ! There are many squirt guns on the market but the most important aspects of a squirt gun are range, water capacity, and speed.

Many tube-like water guns have marvelous range and speed, but they also need to be constantly filled. While the gun-like spray guns usually can fill up like ammo (water) for a long shooting period but have a shorter range. It’s all about preferences here when you are trying to have fun with the kiddos!

Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are a classic water vehicle to float on and annoy your family. Here are why pool noodles are mandatory water devices:

They are inexpensive.
They are float replacements. Make the hassle of carrying a big float no more!
They are safe toys. Sword fight and pop your little brother’s head (nicely) with them!

Flip Flops

On a hot summer day, flip flops are a must have to protect your feet from the hot ground while also having instant access to free feet to jump in! There are many brands and styles to choose from but our favorites are Reefs, Havanas, and Tevas.


Sunscreen is not optional during these long summer days. We want everyone at Regal Oaks to enjoy their stay and stay safe. A bad sunburn can really mess up a fun vacation quickly! There are many strengths of sunscreen but we recommend water-resistant sunscreen so you can have peace of mind and won’t get burned.


It can always be smart to bring down a couple of big bags of chips and other snacks and drinks as everyone is enjoying their dip. To make it easier on our guests we have a wonderful Cabana Pool restaurant in the resort with delicious burgers, salads, hot dogs, and much more to enjoy while staying outside in the shaded area.

Sam’s Mini Market

If you need any last-minute items for your slippery adventure you can be sure to turn to Sam’s in-house Mini Market from 8 AM to 11 PM every day. We have you covered from pool items to housing essentials to late-night snacks!

A pool day can be a must-needed break from the hustle and bustle. With our slides, bar and these pool items – you may find yourself caught up in the fun all day!