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Are you debating whether to stay in a vacation townhome instead of a hotel for your Orlando vacation? If you ever wanted to experience a large, private space with beautiful amenities and a full-size kitchen, then you are in the right place! Below, we will lay out exactly why staying in a townhome is your better option.  

Don’t Sacrifice Privacy To Save Money

Privacy is extremely important, especially on vacation. Don’t think you need to dish out a bunch of money to get in a space that is comfortable for you and the family. Vacation homes provide guests with their own bedroom and bathroom while also having spacious lounge space. Family time can be spent comfortably while private time can feel personal and rejuvenating.

Also, when space is accessible without bothering others, parents can feel much better not waking up the kids when watching a movie or spending some time together.  

Spend less, Eat In

Eating out for every meal adds up quickly and it’s not always the healthiest option. Wouldn’t you love to have a full-size kitchen in your hotel room to mitigate costs and maintain your health?

A vacation home rental, like at CLC Regal Oaks, is a cost-effective option with more than enough space to house family dinners. With an Aldi and Publix supermarket less than a mile away, food accessibility is easier than ever to throw snacks in the pantry and easy dinners in the fridge!

The money you save can go towards fun activities like fast passes, ziplining at Gatorland, or the private Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom.

Why Limit Yourself To A One Bedroom Suite?

Picture this: you are checking into a hotel that only offers two-bed suites for your four-person family. The amenities are good, and the price is decent, but you need to purchase two rooms in order to accommodate your family – and at double the price.

Fortunately at Regal Oaks, it is easy to find a vacation home featuring up to 4 bedrooms. Saving some money and accommodating everyone never felt so good.

Extended Stays At Competitive Prices

Whether you’re a snowbird, working remotely or you just want to get away, a vacation rental is the perfect choice for long-term stays. At Regal Oaks, we offer exclusive specials for guests booking monthly rentals in Kissimmee Florida, as well as special deals on all-season rentals.

This means that it could be much more affordable than you think to escape the cold this winter!
Our 2, 3, and 4-bedroom vacation homes range from 1350 – 1850 sq ft, offering plenty of space to spread out. Also, the amenities are abundant including a dining room, living room, two televisions, a washing machine/dryer, a full-service kitchen filled with modern appliances, complimentary Wi-Fi and much more.


Time with family and friends is of utmost importance to us at Regal Oaks. Townhome vacation rentals are perfect for any family looking to make memories in comfort – while saving some money!