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Planning a trip to Orlando? There are so many things to do and explore like thrilling theme parks, delicious dining, shopping sprees and so much more. Maximize the comfort, affordability and experience of your trip when you stay at a vacation home rental instead of a hotel. Below are a few benefits of a vacation home rental and how choosing to stay in a vacation condo here at CLC Regal Oaks can improve your family’s next vacation.

CLC Regal Oaks Orlando pool area with loungersMore Space = More Privacy

Trying to accommodate your family and luggage into a hotel room or suite can feel a little tight, especially after a long day out and about. Sometimes it’s difficult to relax and unwind if someone wants to play games while another person wants to sleep or enjoy another activity. And don’t forget trying to get ready for a big day in the town while sharing only one bathroom. Staying in a vacation home rental takes the frustration out of the equation by providing common gathering areas and bedrooms and bathrooms that allow personal space. 

Easier Access To Amenities

Orlando hotels, especially those close to theme parks and other popular destinations, typically attract thousands of travelers each year. The busy crowds translate into less space and more people using amenities such as pools, fitness centers and other common areas. But at a vacation home rental like CLC Regal Oaks, you can enjoy resort poolside fun, playing tennis at the on-site court, kid-friendly activities and more without the frustration of crowded areas.

Walt Disney World charactersCentral Locations

Stay close to the action and still enjoy an ideal place for rest and relaxation. For example, did you know CLC Regal Oaks is less than eight miles away from Disney, the Premium Outlets and Sea World? Everything you need from grocery stores, convenience stores to a world of dining options are only a few minutes away.

CLC Regal Oaks Orlando kitchen and dining areaValue For Your Dollar

Why pay for a single room when you can book an entire townhome for a similar price instead? Vacation rentals will also save you money because they give you the option to cook and store food and drinks in full-size kitchens instead of only dining out. It’s easy and hassle-free to make coffee and breakfast in your townhome, pack a lunch for a day out, and prepare and share delicious dinners at the end of the day.

Home Away From Home

The best part of a vacation home rental is the convenience of running on your own schedule. Everything you need, including a fully equipped kitchen, a washing machine and dryer, open living space, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms and more is at your disposal. You can customize a self-catering vacation that allows you time to spend with loved ones, secure in your private accommodation while enjoying resort facilities and the wonders of Orlando on your doorstep. 

Explore the adventures of Orlando and see for yourself how a vacation home rental at CLC Regal Oaks can take your trip to the next level. Browse our townhomes to find what meets your needs and get ready for an unforgettable vacation!